"I love the way you are allowing God to use you for his glory! Keep being that excellent woman of God! Love ya!"

~Miama Walter

"SAFE has been an encouraging organization in my life for over seven years. I am never left out in the dark when I ask for guidance. I feel so privileged and lucky to have such an impactful organization apart of my life"

~ Rapheal Winfrey Jr

"Safe Encouragement Has Been An Instrument And A Tool's High Mind's Inspirational Bread Of Life And Uplift For My Soul In Encouragement On A Daily Basics. Amen  Thank You Safe Encouragement For Soul's Encouragement."

Love's Peace. ~ Bro. Lee.

Dear SAFE family

Originally, when I first started receiving your messages and read the scriptures I was under the impression that you were sending out messages to teach and explain to everyone what it was about. I didn't learn anything because I already knew what it meant but realized that when you quoted scriptures you were explaining what it meant to you. Now that I understand where you were going, I look so forward to receiving them because they are so meaningful. I feel that we are all a part of the same family.

I listen to Steve Harvey Monday thru Friday @6am; it's such a teachable moment because he says that it helps him as much as it helps individuals that are listening. My special prayers that I say every morning and @night before I go to bed, the prayer books that I receive (are listed by day & date), your encouragements together with inspirational messages from Steve Harvey are with me throughout the day. When I access the computer in the morning that is the first message that I look for. Sometimes when I check it is too early and I can't check until the afternoon.

My prayers always include all my family and friends; those that are special I pray for by name. I thank Him every day for the food, clothing shelter He has provided; our health and strength, safe journeys to and from our destinations, the longevity of our marriage for allowing us to grow old together, and the special blessings He has bestowed upon us and our families.

I have been blessed to not worry about things I can't control and the wisdom to always make the right decisions. I talk to the Lord every day and He always leads me in the right direction. I always listen and know that He answers prayers in His time not mind.

May the Lord continue to bless you and your families.

Joy Brown

All though I am unable to attend most meetings I can say that SAFE has always made me feel welcome and comfortable.  As women we often speculate, pre judge, categorize people before actually even knowing the person.  SAFE gives me hope of being a better person than yesterday and women go through the same struggles and trying situations as well as me but it’s ok to open up and let it out without embarrassment.  I wish I could attend more.

~Dashawn Atcherson

"I give honor to God for all His blessings and truly thank Him for the Safe encouraging group , it has,and is a blessing to me. I praise God for the words of encouragement, and the meetings that I have attended It has really blessed my soul. Hearing the testimonies of how the Lord is working, miracles through this group has helped to strengthen my faith in God. I also thank God for giving the president Badia this vision. The meetings are anointed, spiritual, and informative. My prayers are that God will continue to bless, strengthen, and use this group according to His will. In Jesus name"

~ Deborah Baucum

"I knew SAFE before they were "SAFE", and individually, each of these phenomenal women have prayed with and for me, encouraged and supported me through some of my darkest hours. What an even bigger blessing they have been to me and my family coming together and starting this organization. Not sure if I have ever expressed my gratitude, Thank YOU SAFE for all that you do and doing."

~ Lakeisha Hymes


"I don't really have a testimony..I will say though as a Son, Brother, Cousin and Friend to all in Safe, I am extremely proud of what Safe as an organization has and continues to do to uplift,help and encourage not only family and friends but also those in the community."                     

             ~ David Atcherson