Badia Atcherson is the oldest daughter of six children, she grew up in Prince George’s County MD. She completed her high school diploma in 1994 Fairmont Heights High School. Sister Badia went on excelling in a successful career in cosmetology for over a decade. She accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior in November 2003. Sister Badia felt she wanted to do more she began by teaching Sunday school to the little ones at her family church. She is big on family and adores spending quality time with her parents (Weldon and Algie Atcherson), three brothers, two sisters, and ten nieces and nephews.


In 2009 Badia followed the Holy Spirit’s instruction and founded “S.A.F.E.” (Sister’s Anointed for Encouragement). For years Badia has been the “go to person” for encouragement in her family, and to her friends. Her passion is to uplift mostly women by reminding them that no matter their flaw they are valuable and worth loving.  Badia encourages them to understand that Christ loves them past their circumstances. Badia’s passion is to counsel both women and men around the world to meet their highest potential in the Lord.  In addition to fulfilling her Ministry and other early accomplishments she provides support to barren women born with Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hayuser Syndrome (MRKH). Badia serves as a member on the advisory board at Beautiful You MRKH Foundation. In 2013 Sister Badia completed her B.A in Ministry and a minor in Pastoral Studies, graduating from Nazarene Bible College in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


Badia’s organization S.A.F.E. continues to change lives and encourage women of different cultures and backgrounds, all while she continues to grow in Christ.

Badia K. Atcherson
(Founder, President, Spiritual Leader)